Save Big Now: Affordable Cabinet Refacing Tips and Tricks

Jul 3, 2024

Key Highlights

  • With cabinet refacing, you can save some cash and still give your kitchen a fresh update without the hefty price tag of getting all new cabinets.
  • Opting for cabinet refacing means you don’t have to shell out loads of money for a brand-new set or go through the hassle of a complete kitchen makeover.
  • Choosing to reface your cabinets is also kinder to our planet because it creates less waste than tossing out old ones and installing new.
  • Compared with redoing everything, refacing your cabinets will take much less time. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy your spruced-up kitchen pretty quickly.
  • Cabinet refacing gives you the freedom to pick from different materials, finishes, and hardware so that everything fits just right with what you like.
  • If boosting your home’s value is on your mind—especially if selling might be in future plans—refacing cabinets could really help make it more appealing.

Affordable Cabinet Refacing

Affordable Cabinet Refacing

Do you want to update your kitchen on a budget? Try cabinet refacing. This method involves changing doors, drawer fronts, colors, and wood grain. It’s much cheaper than buying new cabinets.

In our blog post, we will explain how cabinet refacing works compared to replacing cabinets entirely. We’ll suggest affordable fixes for common cabinet problems and provide tips for budget-friendly refacing. Discover why cabinet refacing might be the perfect solution for your kitchen update.

Understanding Cabinet Refacing: An Overview

Affordable Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is a budget-friendly way to update your cabinets by replacing doors, drawer fronts, and veneer. This process allows for changing colors and wood grain, giving your cabinets a fresh look without spending a lot of money. It keeps existing cabinet boxes intact, saving money compared to new cabinetry. Instead of discarding old cabinets, refacing reuses them while updating your kitchen’s style.

It not only saves money but also reduces waste, making it an eco-friendly choice. During refacing, old doors, and hardware are removed first, followed by covering frames with new veneer to match the chosen style and color of doors. Any necessary wood repairs are done before adding veneers. Additional upgrades like better drawer glides or extra storage solutions may also be included, such as replacing the drawer boxes and slide hardware, to enhance the overall look and functionality of your cabinets without costing a lot of money. The final touches involve adding new knobs or pulls to complete the makeover.

The Basics of Cabinet Refacing: What It Is and How It Works

Affordable Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is all about giving your cabinets a new look by putting on new doors, drawer fronts, and veneer. It’s different from totally replacing your cabinets because it doesn’t take as much time or money. With cabinet refacing, you first take off the old doors and hardware. Then, you cover the parts of the cabinet that are still showing with a fresh layer of veneer that goes well with your choice of new doors. This way, you can change up how your cabinets look in terms of color and wood grain without having to tear everything down.

One big plus point for homeowners considering cabinet refacing is how much money they can save. Refacing costs just a fraction compared to completely getting rid of old cabinets for new ones. Not only does this approach save cash, but it also cuts down on waste, making it kinder to our planet too. Additionally, there are several other benefits of cabinet refacing, such as the ability to keep existing appliances, that make it a popular choice among homeowners.

Comparing Cabinet Refacing to Full Replacement: Pros and Cons

When you’re thinking about giving your kitchen cabinets a new look, there are mainly two ways to go about it: cabinet refacing or going all out with full cabinet replacement. Each option has its good and bad points, so it’s pretty important to think them over before deciding what’s best for you. Here’s how they stack up against each other:

With cabinet refacing:

  • You can save some money since it’s usually cheaper than getting all new cabinets and doing a whole kitchen makeover.
  • It’s kinder to the planet because less stuff gets thrown away compared to ripping out old cabinets for new ones.
  • The job gets done faster because the main structure of your cabinets stays put; no need for big tear-downs or construction messes.
  • Your daily life isn’t turned upside down as much since there’s less mess and noise from work being done in your house.
  • You get to pick different materials, colors, and handles or knobs that fit what you like. This way, even without changing everything completely, your kitchen feels refreshed.
  • If the current setup of your kitchen works well for you functionally speaking but just needs an aesthetic touch-up, refacing keeps everything where it is while sprucing things up.

But cabinet refactoring might not be perfect if:

  • You want major changes in how your kitchen is laid out since this method doesn’t really allow for altering structures significantly
  • Your existing cabinetry is not in great shape structurally – if they’re falling apart, refacing won’t fix underlying issues

Considering these pros and cons helps figure out whether sticking with cabinet refactoring, aiming at cost savings, and minimal disruption yet offering customization options fits better within our goals versus opting for a complete overhaul through a new kitchen remodel, which, though it offers more room for structural adjustments, comes with higher costs and environmental impact. By understanding both sides, you’ll land on the right choice between keeping those cabinets boxes with a new facade or swapping them out entirely for something fresh, functional, and tailored to your taste through a consultation with a Showplace Renew dealer-designer. Additionally, incorporating roll-out shelves and soft-close drawers, as well as changing the size of our cabinet doors, can be a game changer in terms of functionality and overall appearance in your pantry.

Common Problems and Their Affordable Solutions

Affordable Cabinet Refacing

Over time, cabinets can run into a bunch of issues, like the outer layer coming off or doors that just won’t close right. Luckily, there are cheap ways to fix these problems. In this part, we’re going to talk about two usual troubles with cabinets – when the surface starts peeling and how to make sure new doors fit perfectly without spending too much.

Addressing Peeling Veneer: Tips for a Quick Fix

When your cabinets start to show their age with peeling veneer, it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of them entirely. There are easy and budget-friendly ways to make them look good as new:

  • With the glue and clamp technique, if only a small part is coming off, just put some wood glue on the back of the veneer and press it firmly in place. Then, use clamps to keep everything tight until the glue sets.
  • For another approach, there’s peel-and-stick veneer. This handy material comes with its own adhesive so you can stick it right over any problem spots. Just measure out what you need, cut it down size-wise then smooth away those bubbles after sticking.

These simple solutions will help bring your cabinets back from looking tired without breaking the bank for brand-new ones.

Ensuring Proper Fit for New Cabinet Doors: A Step-by-Step Guide

When you’re giving your cabinets a new look by refacing them, making sure the new doors fit just right is key. Here’s how to do it step-by-step:

  • Start with measuring: Before you get those new doors, measure the old ones for height, width, and thickness to make sure your replacements will be an exact match.
  • On picking what fits best: Go for new doors that not only suit your kitchen’s style but also blend in well. Think about their color, material, and even the knobs or handles to keep everything looking unified.
  • After taking off the old ones, Unscrew and remove the previous doors carefully from their frames. Remember where each piece of hardware goes so you can use them again later.
  • In putting on the new arrivals: Line up these fresh faces onto your cabinet frames using those same hinges. Check they’re straight and move without any hitches.
  • Through tweaking as needed: If things aren’t lining up perfectly at the first shot, adjust by tightening or loosening screws on hinges until every door sits just right.

By sticking closely to these steps when refacing with new doors, you’ll ensure they complement your cabinets flawlessly while boosting their overall look.

Budget-Friendly Cabinet Refacing Tips

Matte Black Cabinetry

Giving your cabinets a new look doesn’t mean you have to spend lots of money. There are ways to update your kitchen without it costing too much. In this part, we’ll talk about three affordable tips for cabinet refacing: using peel-and-stick veneers, painting the doors of the cabinets with cabinet painting kits from Lowes or The Home Depot, and keeping the hardware you already have.

Choosing Peel-and-Stick Veneers for a Cost-Effective Update

If you’re thinking about giving your cabinets a new look but want to keep things affordable, peel-and-stick veneers are worth considering. These self-adhesive options make cabinet refacing easy and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Here’s why opting for peel-and-stick veneers can be the wallet-friendly choice you’re looking for:

  • With their lower price tag, these veneers are kinder on your budget compared to traditional ones.
  • Since they come with adhesive backs, installing them is something you can do on your own. This way, there’s no need to spend extra money on getting someone else to put them up.
  • They offer a wide selection of styles, colors, and finishes. So finding one that fits perfectly with how you imagine your kitchen isn’t just possible; it’s also part of the fun.

By going with peel-and-stick veneers for refacing your cabinets, not only do you save some cash but also get that fresh new look in the kitchen without draining your bank account

Painting Cabinet Doors: A Simple Yet Transformative Approach

Giving your kitchen cabinet doors a new coat of paint is an easy and budget-friendly way to refresh your kitchen’s look. It’s amazing how this straightforward method can totally transform the appearance of your cabinets. Here are some steps to follow for painting cabinet doors:

  • Start with cleaning: Before you begin painting, it’s important to clean the doors well and get rid of any grease or dirt. A light sanding will help create a smooth base that’s perfect for painting.
  • Prime before color: Putting on a layer of primer ensures that the paint sticks better. After letting the primer dry, go ahead and apply your chosen color. Whether using a brush or roller, aim for an even coating.
  • Finish with protection: Applying a clear sealer or topcoat after painting will protect against chips and make sure your cabinets last longer.

By opting to paint them yourself, you’re able not only to give those cabinet doors in need just what they require but also to save significantly compared to replacing them entirely – all while achieving that desired fresh new look at just a fraction of the cost!

Reusing Existing Hardware: A Smart Way to Save

When you’re giving your cabinets a new face, remember to keep the old knobs and handles. It’s a clever way to cut costs without sacrificing that fresh look you’re going for. Here are some reasons why sticking with your old hardware is smart:

  • Cost Savings: New knobs and pulls can really make your wallet lighter. Keeping the ones you’ve got means more money stays in your pocket.
  • With everything else changing, using what you already have helps keep things looking uniform across your kitchen.
  • Ease of Installation: Sticking with the same hardware means no fussing over new holes or sizes. It makes refacing simpler and quicker.

So, by reusing what’s already there, not only do you save cash but also get that stylish update for your cabinets effortlessly.

Is Cabinet Refacing Worth It? An Honest Look

When thinking about making your kitchen cabinets look better, you might be asking yourself if it’s a good idea to go for cabinet refacing. Let’s dive into why this option could really change the way your kitchen looks and feels.

Cabinet refacing comes with quite a few perks that many homeowners find appealing. Here are some important points:

  • Cost Savings: One of the biggest advantages is that it costs less than getting all new cabinets. This means you can get a fresh style in your kitchen without spending too much money or going through an entire kitchen makeover.
  • Environmental Impact: With refacing, there’s less waste since you’re not throwing away old cabinets. It’s a choice that’s kinder to our planet compared to replacing everything.
  • Customization: You have lots of options with cabinet refacing. From picking out materials and finishes to choosing new doors and drawer fronts, you can make sure your cabinets reflect what you like.
  • Increased Home Value: Even though it doesn’t boost home value as much as redoing the whole kitchen would, updating your cabinets through refacing still makes your house more attractive if ever decide to sell.

By adding new doors and drawer fronts along with veneer, cabinet refacing changes how your room looks significantly but without major construction hassles.

Evaluating the Condition of Your Cabinets: When to Reface vs. Replace

When you’re stuck choosing between giving your cabinets a new face or just getting new ones, think about a few things:

  • Cabinet Structure: If the main part of your cabinet is still strong and in good shape, then refacing could be the way to go. But if these parts are falling apart or not looking too great, you might need to get them replaced.
  • Countertops: For those who don’t want to let go of their original countertops, refacing makes more sense. Getting all new cabinets means you’d have to take out the old countertops first, which can cost quite a bit and take up time.
  • With changes in layout: Being happy with how your kitchen is set up right now points towards refacing as being enough. Changing everything around by replacing cabinets is a big job.
  • Budget: Think about how much money you’ve got for this project. Refacing usually costs less than getting completely new cabinets, so it’s better for anyone trying to keep expenses down.

Looking at these aspects will help figure out if cabinet refactoring or going for brand-new replacements fits best for updating your kitchen’s look while keeping functionality intact

Balancing Budget and Desired Outcomes: Making the Right Decision

When thinking about giving your kitchen cabinets a new look, it’s key to find a good middle ground between how much you’re willing to spend and what you want in the end. Cabinet design and refacing is an affordable way that can totally change the vibe of your kitchen without costing too much and also contribute to the overall look of the room. With the option of refacing, you can achieve a contemporary look for your cabinets without breaking the bank. Here are some pointers on making a smart choice:

  • With your needs in mind, take stock of how your cabinets are holding up, what style you’re going for, and how much cash you have to play with. Figure out if just refacing them will do or if it’s time for completely new ones.
  • By talking with experts who know all about cabinet refacing, they can steer you right based on what’s happening in your kitchen and help guide your decision.
  • When looking at costs, weigh both options—refacing versus replacing—to see which one fits better within your budget constraints. Remember also to think about how this upgrade could affect the value of your house down the line.

By keeping an eye on both expenses and outcomes desired from upgrading those cabinets through cabinet refacing, choosing wisely becomes easier for any renovation plans involving getting that fresh new look without overspending or compromising quality

When to Consider Professional Refacing Services

When thinking about refacing your cabinets, it’s crucial to figure out the right time to bring in experts. Doing it yourself might work for some folks, but there are times when you really need someone who knows their stuff. This is especially important if you want the job done well and with a lot of care put into every detail, according to the company’s standards. By choosing an affordable cabinet installer like Affordable Cabinet Refacing, you can be sure that everything will be handled properly by our professional team, whether you’re installing new countertops or not, in your new house and that you’ll love how things turn out in the end. If you’re in need of kitchen updates, a professional kitchen project team can provide a great experience, save you time, money, and ensure high-quality results at competitive pricing.

Identifying Scenarios Where DIY Won’t Cut It

When saving money with DIY projects is good, there are times when DIY cabinet refacing may not be wise. For top-notch results and precision in fitting new doors and new drawers perfectly, professional help like Affordable Cabinet Refacing is beneficial. If you’re short on time or lack resources, doing the refacing yourself could be more trouble than it’s worth. It’s time-consuming and requires specific techniques and tools. Hiring professionals allows you to focus on other kitchen improvements while they handle the refacing efficiently, avoiding disruptions to your routine.

Highlighting JMT Cabinets: Expertise and Customer Satisfaction

Affordable Cabinet Refacing by JMT Cabinets offers top-notch cabinet refacing services. Known for their skill, dedication, and exceptional customer service, they provide professional and detail-oriented work. With a strong commitment to quality craftsmanship, they strive to exceed expectations and ensure you love your updated kitchen.


When thinking about giving your cabinets a new look, there are lots of affordable options that won’t empty your wallet. From simple fixes for veneer that’s starting to come off to cost-effective choices like using stick-on veneers or painting the doors, you’ve got many ways to refresh your space. It’s important to check how good or bad your cabinets are and think about what you want versus what you can spend when deciding if refacing is the right move for you. If figuring out where to begin feels overwhelming, getting in touch with experts who can offer advice based on what you need and want might be a great idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Cabinet Refacing Typically Take?

Cabinet refacing is a quicker solution than going for a full kitchen makeover. Since the cabinet boxes stay put, there’s no need to tear everything down or build it back up, which cuts down on time. With this approach, you can get back to enjoying your kitchen faster and with fewer interruptions in your day-to-day activities.

Can Cabinet Refacing Change the Layout of My Kitchen?

Cabinet refacing is all about giving your cabinets a new look without messing with the way your kitchen is set up. If you’re happy with how everything works and where it’s placed in your kitchen, going for cabinet refacing can really freshen things up. On the other hand, if you want to change how your kitchen functions or its layout quite a bit, then you might be better off considering a full kitchen remodel.

How Much Can I Really Save with Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing is a smart choice for homeowners looking to give their kitchen a new vibe without spending too much. By keeping your current cabinets and just swapping out the doors and drawers, you can cut your remodeling costs by half. This approach not only saves money but also offers great value, as it refreshes your space at just a fraction of what complete cabinet replacement would cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Can cabinet refacing increase home value?

    Cabinet refacing can boost home value in both the short and long term. Also, if you're considering selling your home, refacing your cabinets could easily net you an extra $10,000 on your home value.

  • 2. How long do refaced cabinets last compared to refinished ones?

    Refaced and refinished cabinets last a long time with care and regular maintenance.

  • 3. Is it possible to reface cabinets as a DIY project?

    Cabinet refacing can be a DIY project. But, it's best to get professional help. Refacing involves measuring, cutting, and installing, requiring special tools and skills. If you're not handy or just don't have the time, hiring professionals like JMT Cabinets can be a savings in both time and money.

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