Bathroom Remodeling

Refacing Vanity Cabinets

Refacing bathroom vanities or cabinets is a low-cost way to give your bathroom a makeover. Refacing can give your cabinets a completely new look and give your bathroom a completely new style. Cabinet refacing, especially in a bathroom, is fast-with projects taking just a few days to complete. It is also a very affordable way to rejuvenate your bathroom and get the look you want.

There are many things to consider when refacing your bathroom vanity. Among them are countertops, hinges, hardware (knobs, door, and drawer pulls), finish and door selections. We use the existing cabinet boxes that are in good condition to help you save money and attain a high-quality home improvement project with cabinet resurfacing.

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Choices for Bathroom Cabinet Refacing

Starting with Door selections, JMT Cabinets offers 17 different door styles for you to choose from.

Some of the styles that can be found are Mortise & Tenon, Shaker, Mitered, Applied Moulding, Square/Round Corner, and Contemporary.

Combining the right door selection, hardware, and finish can be the difference between a nice bathroom and the bathroom of your dreams!

Next, choose your finish.

The difference in finishes can alter the appearance of your new bathroom dramatically. Imagine the bathroom makeovers you have seen where they take the bathroom from an old black and white style to a warm clean and modern oasis.

JMT Cabinets is committed to helping you select the finish that is going to make you want to relax in your bathroom and not just use it to prepare for your day.

Hinges are another very important component of refacing your bathroom vanity.

The style of hinges you choose will not only affect the style, but also the function. A smooth operation can be such a gift when you are hurrying through your morning routine.

Imagine being able to easily grab what you need and not worry about the slamming of the vanity doors.

Handles can also alter the style and appearance of your new bathroom and be the single item that makes the difference between a traditional and modern look.

We know that you are investing in your bathroom improvement project because you want to love it. You want to feel like the money you invested was well spent.

We want that for you too!

That is why JMT Cabinets is committed to quality and we strive for your satisfaction.

Choosing the right countertop material can be even more important in the bathroom where water can lay on the counter for extended periods of time.

Choosing a non-porous countertop is typically the best choice to make sure you can easily clean and use your new bathroom counter for years to come!

The sink basin is often another component of a bathroom vanity refacing that can really affect the overall look, feel, and function of your bathroom.

While this is often a choice an not required, many of our customers see the savings from the vanity refacing as an opportunity to upgrade their sink basins as well.

Is Refacing your vanity the right choice for you and your bathroom?

Painting the bathroom vanity

Cabinet refacing is great for cabinets in the following conditions:


  • Cabinet doors open and close poorly
  • The surfaces or the cabinets and doors are worn
  • The Cabinets are structurally great, but outdated

While refacing your bathroom vanity or cabinets can often be a great solution, there are certain circumstances that cannot be fixed and would require more intensive remodeling. Those circumstances are:


  • Rusting Cabinets
  • The poor overall layout of the bathroom
  • Cabinets that are crooked or are structurally damaged
  • Cabinets that are too small for your storage needs

Ready to Transform Your Bathroom?

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NOTE: We source all of our cabinet doors and countertops from other local businesses here in Central Florida. We love our community and we also love supporting other local businesses.