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Affordable Cabinet Installation in Cocoa Beach, FL

Are you in Cocoa Beach, FL, and looking to upgrade your kitchen space? Look no further! At JMT Cabinets, we specialize in providing high-quality kitchen cabinets that will revamp your home.
Whether you’re seeking custom cabinetry, kitchen remodeling, or bathroom remodeling, we’ve got you covered.


Kitchen Cabinets Cocoa Beach FL

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About Us

JMT Cabinets is a family-owned business, proudly serving Central Florida since 2014. With more than 28 years of experience, we’re pros at installing kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
Our team is good at making cabinets that improve your home without causing problems in your daily life. We know how important well-placed cabinets are, and we love creating them for you.
At JMT Cabinets, we use the best materials for your projects. We work closely with you, our valued clients, to make cabinets that fit your unique needs and style.

Why Choose Us

At JMT Cabinets, we’re known for our excellent work in the area. Our big collection of successful projects proves it, and our happy customers vouch for our dedication to quality.
With a wealth of experience in designing and installing kitchen cabinets, we are one of the most reliable and seasoned cabinet companies in Cocoa Beach.

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

We use only the finest materials, ensuring the durability of your cabinets. Our craftsmen take pride in their meticulous work, delivering cabinets that are not only functional but also pieces of art.


Our experienced team excels in customization. We have a proven track record of providing unique solutions, and our years of experience in custom cabinetry speak volumes.

Design Inspiration

At JMT Cabinets, we stay in the loop with the newest cabinet designs and trends. This way, your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project always follows the best practices in the industry.

What is Included in the Installation?

A typical Cabinet Installation includes the removal of your old cabinets and installation of the new ones, including all trim work, hardware, and countertops (if applicable).

We will help you choose the best cabinets for your kitchen, as well as give tips on how to stage your kitchen so installation goes smoothly. We’ll take care of everything from start to finish so you can enjoy your new cabinets as soon as possible!


Hire Expert Cabinet Installers

Expert Knowledge

Total Kitchen Transformation

Get the styles and hardware you want

Avoid Pricey DIY Mistakes

No living in a construction zone for weeks

Done in 1-2 days

Top 6 most popular kitchen cabinet styles in Cocoa Beach, FL

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Cocoa Beach, FL is known for its stunning coastal homes and fancy interiors. In creating the perfect kitchen atmosphere, kitchen cabinets play a huge role. They aren’t just for storing things – they’re like the heart of your kitchen’s design. So, it’s super important to pick the right cabinet style to make your kitchen not only look fantastic but also work the way you want it to.

In Cocoa Beach, FL, here are the 6 most popular kitchen cabinet styles:

Coastal and Beachy: Given your location near the ocean, this style is a natural fit. Think light and airy colors like whites and soft blues. You can add nautical touches to capture that beachy atmosphere. It’s like bringing the beach right into your kitchen!

Shaker Style: If you prefer a classic look, Shaker cabinets are timeless. They have a simple, clean design that can adapt to any style. A great choice for a classic yet versatile kitchen.

Contemporary and Modern: For a more modern aesthetic, go for clean lines and sleek designs. High-gloss finishes and minimalistic hardware create a streamlined and minimalist appearance. Perfect for a sleek and trendy kitchen.

Rustic and Farmhouse: If you appreciate a cozy and country feel, rustic or farmhouse-style cabinets are ideal. They often feature distressed wood and open shelving, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Traditional: If you lean towards a formal and elegant look, traditional cabinets with raised panels and ornate detailing might be the way to go. These classics can add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen.

Vintage and Retro: For a bit of nostalgia, consider vintage or retro styles. Colorful cabinets, vintage-inspired hardware, and unique design elements can bring a hint of the past into your home, which might resonate with your love for old-school charm.

These styles are popular in Cocoa Beach due to the area’s coastal location and the desire to capture the beachy, relaxed atmosphere. When choosing a kitchen cabinet style in Cocoa Beach, JMT Cabinets got your back!

Client Testimonials

“Jmt cabinets remodeled my kitchen. They re-faced existing cabinets and installed new cabinets. They were able to transform existing cabinets for example they installed a bank of drawers in a standard base cabinet without having to remove the cabinet. The prices were reasonable. The installers showed up on time and worked efficiently..”


“We went different avenues to do our kitchen cabinets…we called JMT Cabinets and after talking to Bruce, we knew this was the company we wanted to go with…small, family-owned business….we are so happy with our decision….I know why they have a 5-star rating. They did our kitchen cabinets in a timely manner, the crew is very hardworking, courteous, and thorough, taking great pride in their work. We absolutely love, love, love our “new” cabinets!!!”


This family is amazing! They refaced our kitchen cabinets last Sept and did such an amazing job that we had them back last week to do the cabinets and countertops in both bathrooms. I can’t brag about them enough to my neighbors. They never argue while they work- they have fun and are so organized. Wish they could do all the work we need in our condo!!


How much are kitchen cabinets in Florida?

The cost of kitchen cabinets in Florida can vary depending on the style, material, and customization. On average, kitchen cabinets range from $100 to $1,200 per linear foot. For a basic 10-by-10-foot kitchen, you might expect to pay between $1,600 and $4,500 for ready-to-assemble or preassembled cabinets

Which kitchen cabinets are most durable?

Real wood is generally considered the most durable material for kitchen cabinets. Cabinets with an in-frame construction are also highly durable.

How can you tell if cabinets are high quality?

High-quality cabinets often feature all-plywood construction, full-height back panels, and hardwood drawer sides. The finish should be smooth and even, and the hinges and drawer slides should be sturdy and well-made.

What color cabinets make a kitchen look bigger?

Light colors like white or off-white can make a kitchen look bigger as they reflect light and enhance the sense of space. Other colors like light gray, pale blue, or soft yellow can also create an illusion of more space.

What color cabinets never go out of style?

In addition to white, other timeless cabinet colors include light gray, off-white, black, beige, navy blue, olive green, mint green, and soft yellow

What is the most popular cabinet style for 2023?

The trend for 2023 leans towards a mix of traditional and modern styles. Dark stained wood cabinetry is making a comeback, along with stained-glass panels and two-toned cabinets. Unique kitchen cabinetry hardware will also play a key role in personalizing kitchens

What type of cabinets are best for a kitchen?

The best type of cabinets often depends on personal preference and the specific needs of your kitchen. However, all-plywood construction is generally considered robust and durable. Cabinets with full-height back panels and hardwood drawer sides are also signs of high-quality construction

What is the base price for kitchen cabinets?

The base price for kitchen cabinets can range from $100 to $500 per linear foot installed, or $4,500 to $15,000 total, including labor and materials. This price can vary based on factors such as the style, size, material, and whether the cabinets are stock, semi-custom, or custom.

What color of cabinets is most timeless?

White is often considered the most timeless cabinet color due to its versatility and enduring popularity

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Fun Facts about Cocoa Beach FL

  • Cocoa Beach is known as the “Surfing Capital of the East Coast,” with great waves and a vibrant surf culture.
  • It’s home to the Kennedy Space Center, where many historic space missions, including Apollo 11, were launched.
  • Cocoa Beach was a favorite hangout for astronauts during the space race era.
  • The city is located on a barrier island, offering beautiful beaches on the Atlantic Ocean.
  • You can watch rocket launches right from the beach, making it a unique experience.
  • Cocoa Beach has a historic pier that’s a popular spot for fishing and dining.
  • Ron Jon Surf Shop, one of the world’s largest surf shops, has its flagship store in Cocoa Beach.
  • The city has a laid-back, beach town atmosphere with a variety of restaurants and nightlife.
  • It’s part of Florida’s Space Coast and offers a mix of space exploration and beach fun.


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