Best Cabinet Styles to Achieve that Farmhouse Kitchen Style

Mar 12, 2019 | Kitchen

Remodeling your home can be both fun and exciting! The idea of creating a space for you and your family that leaves you feeling happy, at peace, and at home is just one of the many benefits into looking towards remodeling projects.

One of the most popular housing trends has become the country style, rustic design that’s especially geared towards kitchen design. It’s become one of our favorites when doing kitchen cabinet refacing

Farmhouse kitchen decorating ranks as one of the top trends over the course of the last few years due to its versatility in design. Whether you’re looking for a vintage style, classic, high contrast, or rustic, chances are that farm style will win you over.

If you already have a style in mind, one of the first and most important things to consider will be your cabinets.

Usually, figuring out how to customize kitchen cabinets to fit your style is a bit daunting, but due to the farmhouse kitchen style’s increase in popularity, it’s now easier than ever to select cabinet hardware, paint colors, and more!

If you’re in need of ideas on how to achieve the ideal cabinet style, read on for our personal favorites.

Small Kitchens

Best Cabinet Styles to Achieve that Farmhouse Kitchen Style 1Let’s take a cue from various Los Angeles homes notoriously known for their small spaces.

You can instantly make your kitchen appear bigger by using white as your primary color, silver for your accents, and solid wood countertops. These three main components create a rustic space that will give the illusion of having more space than you actually have.

Depending on your hardware and finishes, this same combination can create a modern farmhouse kitchen.

Kitchens with Storage Space

The combination of beadboard cabinets and glass for storage is a classic favorite. Because the beadboard cabinets can be used with almost any style, it’s easy to use this type of cabinet.

Our favorite combination uses white with black metal finishes to achieve a nice cottage look.

Beach-inspired Kitchens

You don’t need to own a beachfront property to have a beautifully beach-inspired kitchen.

Unfinished cabinets can help create the beach effect, especially if this unfinished style carries to the countertops.

Installing a glass face to the upper cabinets is perfect for any type of storage, from cookbooks, spices, to dishes which can easily create extra storage space. If you need to add an extra flair, head over to your local flea market for unique items to truly make your kitchen makeover your own.

Hallmark-style Kitchens

Best Cabinet Styles to Achieve that Farmhouse Kitchen Style 2How many times have we seen the perfect kitchen in our favorite Hallmark movies?

You know the scenes we’re talking about: everyone is gathered at the kitchen table and absolutely everything is perfect and high quality.

Inspired by these movies, why not incorporate white kitchen cabinets with polished gold accents? It’s not often that a kitchen renovation comes paired with these two elements, but it’ll definitely make your guests feel like they’re inside of a movie set.

For an added effect, install a couple of open faced upper cabinets with your farmhouse sink.

We’d love to hear if you plan to use any of these styles in your next kitchen remodel. Let us know in the comments below. 

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