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Kitchen Countertops

How will you know which countertop will be right for your kitchen? There are so many options and varieties.

JMT Cabinets can help to guide you to the right countertop for your kitchen or bathroom refacing project.

Countertops are the biggest piece of your Orlando kitchen cabinet refacing project that can change the whole look of your kitchen or bathroom.

Considering just the look is not exactly practical when there are many other considerations. We will explore with you the three main types of countertops we offer and the benefits and drawbacks of each.

First – Consider Your Needs

Best Kitchen Countertop MaterialYour kitchen’s layout may determine how much you use your countertops and what areas you may use for what functions.

Do you want to be able to chop veggies right on your countertop?
Do you have a clumsy cook in the house that might be prone to sitting a hot pan on the countertop?

It may sound silly, but these factors should always be considered when choosing the right surface for your kitchen or bathroom.

Kitchen countertops especially take a lot of abuse over their lifetime and can be used for food prep, game night, homework and so much more. Through all of those uses, it is expected to remain durable and gorgeous!

JMT Cabinets Top 3 Choices for your Kitchen or Bath Countertop


Quartz countertops are made from manufactured stone. It is fabricated from chunks of stones and mixed with colors and resin.

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, Quartz Countertops were the top choice of kitchen and bath designers last year, even beating out granite.

What makes Quartz so great?

Unlike granite, it can resist staining and hold up when faced with foods high in acidity.

Quartz countertops are also naturally sealed (meaning no additional sealant is required) and they are naturally chip and scratch resistant.

They are very easy to maintain.

There is no mining required to manufacture the Quartz countertops, it is therefore often regarded as a green choice because waste stones are typically used to produce it.

Another benefit to newer Quartz countertops is that they can have variegations and swirls similar to granite and marble.

Quartz’s only downside can be if any damages do occur (usually at corners and edges) you will need to have it professionally repaired.


Granite CountertopsEvery piece of Granite countertop is unique. Granite is made from a composite of varieties of quartz, mica, and feldspar.

If you want that truly custom kitchen or custom bath look, Granite is a great choice to make it happen. Granite is also heat, cut, and scratch resistant.

Unlike Quartz, which doesn’t need to be sealed, Granite is one countertop option that does require sealing to be stain resistant.

Granite will require some maintenance to keep the stain resistance.

Granite’s biggest drawback is the same as Quartz. Edges and corners can chip and if they do, you will need a professional to repair it.

Periodic resealing to maintain the finish and stain resistance is also a deterrent for some people.


When it comes to an affordable, easy to install, and beautiful option, Laminate takes the cake!

Laminate consists of layers of paper and resin that are bonded together with an application of heat and pressure.

The sky is truly the limit with the look and design of laminate. You can find countertops that look like wood, stone, or even bold colors to really give your kitchen or bath a makeover.

Laminate’s biggest drawback is that is can be damaged by knives or sharp objects. In general Laminate countertops, while a great budget-friendly option will not last as long as Quartz or Granite as mentioned above.

Your Choice is the Best Choice

Whatever countertop material you choose for your kitchen or bath refacing project, JMT Cabinets is here to help you make the right choice.

Your needs, habits, and design plans will be different from your friends, neighbors, and family.

It is important to choose a countertop surface that works best for your budget, needs, and design. Schedule your FREE In-Home Estimate on your Kitchen or Bath Refacing project by clicking the link below!

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