Pros and Cons of Replacing Cabinet Doors with Glass

Feb 15, 2019 | Kitchen

Pros and Cons of Replacing Cabinet Doors with Glass

Glass replacement can be tricky, but definitely worth it when you look at the big picture.

If done correctly, your cabinets will be able to always look pristine and worthy of admiration by any guest in your home. Thanks to many new home improvement trends, kitchen cabinet doors with glass inserts have become more popular and common to obtain.

There are many advantages to having glass-faced cabinets as well as benefits to the types of glass doors you use. We’ve broken down the pros and cons for you in this article.

Glass Inserts vs Complete Glass Shelving

As an alternative, you can ditch the wood for complete glass shelving depending on what you want to achieve with your kitchen space. Complete glass shelving offers a cleaner, sleek, modern look to your space but is more fragile.

Glass inserts, in this case, are more common and though bulky, they offer a great compromise between wanting open shelving while still having sound cabinetry. We can thank evolving trends for this again, but now it’s easier to obtain different types of glass and textures.

Cabinet doors with glass

Transparent Glass

Transparent glass is the most common type of glass panel found. When considering kitchen cabinet refacing, you’ll find that this glass will create a clean and open space that will showcase your storage. Before purchasing, make sure that it’s tempered to safeguard against breakage.

If your kitchen space has a lot of storage or you are not willing to keep up with the upkeep to make your space tidy, you’ll find that this glass will not be the best option for cluttered and unkempt spaces. This glass also shows fingerprints and smudges easily.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass offers a more modern approach to showcasing your storage and will actually let you get away with more cluttered and unkempt spaces since it’s not necessarily see-through. Again, it’s recommended to safeguard against breakage in order to avoid constant replacement.

Kitchen Remodeling

Glass vs Wood

Glass-faced cabinets can be a great way to enhance the look of your space and give it a more elegant feel. It’s also fairly easy to clean as long as you don’t have the need to replace it with just window pane cleaner or water and a soft cloth to avoid scratching.

Glass Replacement

If the glass at some point scratches or breaks and you need to replace it, this will be a more complicated issue. Cabinets of this style can be taken to a specialist to replace at a hefty price or you can replace these yourself. The steps to doing so, while easy to follow, are numerous and can prove exhausting. From unscrewing the panels and popping the molding to installing with clear silicone, this will typically always be a 24-hour project for any avid DIYer.

If you own any cabinets with glass inserts or have total glass shelving, what are some advantages and disadvantages you’ve encountered?

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