10 Clever Kitchen Cabinet Space Savers Ideas

Jan 27, 2020

Get the most of your kitchen space by using space saving ideas for your kitchen. The things in our kitchen have a natural tendency to pile up and no matter how many times you try organizing your kitchen, things keep getting out of hand.

We here at JMT Cabinets, your Deltona Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Company, understand how frustrating it is to keep doing the same things again and again when the results don’t last. So, we sat down to fix the problem once and for all.

And, here we are, with 10 of the most clever ways to organize your kitchen.

We are going to tackle every area of your kitchen so sit back, grab your cup of tea or coffee and get your organizational caps on.

This includes:

Looking for space solutions for one particular area? Jump to it by clicking it or stay with us and let us start organizing your kitchen.

First things first, start with a plan. Ask yourself the following questions before you begin.

What are the problem areas in your kitchen?
Which areas will need some re-organizing?
And, which areas will need a comprehensive space solution?

Having a plan will make you more efficient when organizing.

Let us now look at some of the best space saving ideas for your kitchen:

Maximizing the Space in your Kitchen Cabinets:

You are lucky if your kitchen cabinets are functional and have ample storage. But you can maximize the space in your cabinets with these nifty ideas.

  1. Shelf Risers for organizing platesAdd Shelf Risers & Under Shelf Racks:

A very affordable and effective way of adding extra space to your kitchen cabinets is to use shelf risers and under shelf racks.

You don’t need any tools for this. Simply put the shelf risers in the cabinet. For the undershelf racks, you can slide them easily.

We love using the added storage for separating dinner and dessert plates.

  1. Add Corkboard and Hooks to the Cabinet Doors:

Put a corkboard on the inside doors of your cabinets. You can then add hooks to it to hang tiny items.

You can use these hooks for storing measuring cups and utensils.

  1. Get Lazy with Lazy Susan:

It is smart to store the spices that you use every day in cabinets nearest to the stove. But putting them back every time in the same organized order is simply not possible.

We love using a Lazy Susan for storing our spices and items of daily use. This gives you easy access to everything. And, putting everything back takes only seconds.

Organizing your Kitchen Drawers, the Right Way

  1. Use Drawer Dividers:

Drawer dividers aren’t just for your dresser and vanity. Use drawer dividers to organize items in your kitchen drawers.

You can store flatware and utensils in the drawers. Store them by size or by use, and your drawers will stay very organized.

  1. Using Tension Rods to Organize pots, pans, and tupperwareStore your Tupperware in Drawers:

It is so common to not find Tupperware when you need them, especially the lids.

Dedicate a drawer to organize your Tupperware. And inside the drawer, use the largest box to store all the lids. You will never use your lids again.

  1. Add Tension Rods to Deep Drawers:

If you have deep drawers, you are lucky. They give you so much space and easier access to everything.

Add a tension rod to your drawers and you will you can use it in so many ways. Use it to store the lids of your pots and pans. Or add some S-hooks and hand tiny items to it.

The Best Ways of Storing Pots & Pans

Not everyone has huge cabinets and drawers to store pots and pans. They are huge and are sore to eyes so you cannot just leave them out on the countertop.

In your kitchen organization, experiment as much as you like. The best idea is to think vertical.

  1. Hanging pots and pans to make room in your kitchenHang Them Above the Stove Top or other area:

You can hang your pots and pans. This will give you the perfect place to store them. You will also get easier access to them when cooking.

If you don’t have space above your stovetop, you can attach some hooks under your cabinets or racks and hang them there.

  1. Add Open Shelves for Storage:

Hanging pots and pans is not everyone’s cup of tea. You can add some open shelves to your kitchen wall. This can be the best place to organize your pots and pans.

Making your Countertops Clutter-Free

A lot of people are confused about what to place on the countertops. For some reason, our countertops keep attracting clutter from the house. Here are a few space-saving ideas for your kitchen countertops.

  1. Set Themed Corners:

Designating cabinet corners for organizational purposes

We love making some functional corners on our countertop.

You can make a coffee or tea corner with all the essentials set neatly in one place.

Make a corner next to your stove for storing oils, condiments, and spices that you use every day. A wooden or metal lazy Susan can look decorative and provide the best storing place.

Our favorite tip is to make a little office/mail corner. Use small countertop drawers or office organizers. This way you can keep important things handy without looking like a mess.

  1. Store Fruits on the Countertops:

Use baskets to store fresh fruits. This will add more storage and won’t look like clutter.

You can use one big basket for this, or two to three small baskets piled together.

  1. Make Storage your Decoration:

Most importantly, add little decorations all around. With every corner, you can add a home accent piece, a décor item or flowers. This will give them a more decorative feel. Choose items in small sizes to avoid a cluttered feeling.

Making the Most of Your Pantry Space

Organizing your pantry can take time. And, you have to do it every time you get groceries. But these tips will make your life easier by helping you in organizing your kitchen pantry.

  1. Basket and Bins:

Pantry Cabinets with Can FodosStore everything in baskets and bins. We like using clear acrylic bins for storing items we daily use.

For bigger items and refills, use woven baskets to hide the clutter beautifully. Use tumblers for storing small items.

  1. Labels and Lists:

Add labels to your baskets. Don’t trust your memory. This will make everything easier and efficient.

A list is a great way to know what you already have in store and what you need to buy.

  1. Store on Eye Level:

We recommend keeping everyday items on an eye-level. Try it and you will feel the difference.

If you buy bulk items, keep a few out on the front shelves. The refills can go all the way or down the pantry.

We hope you will try these space saving ideas for your kitchen. Organizing a kitchen is fun when you have a plan and know where everything will go.

No matter how big or small your kitchen is, you always need ways of organizing your kitchen. For organizing, however, you should have functional cabinets and drawers.

If you think your cabinets could use a makeover, contact us for all your Kitchen Cabinet Refacing needs in Deltona.

Ready to Transform Your Kitchen?

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