Cabinet Door Styles & Designs

Choosing the style and design of your cabinet doors has to be one of the most exciting parts of refacing your cabinets. It’s what sets the stage for the entire feel of your kitchen or bathroom.

At JMT Cabinets we have been doing Cabinet Refacing in Orlando FL for years now and have seen the rustic, contemporary or farmhouse look that everyone wants to achieve.

Because of all the different styles out there, we offer 17 different door styles and designs to choose from.



Solid Wood is very durable and very attractive! Cope and Stick joinery produces a great look for cabinet door frames. “Stick” is the molded edge cut along the frame’s inside edge. Any piece that meets that molding must match the profile by being “coped.”However, solid wood cabinets can be pricey but rightfully so.

Cope and Stick Wood Cabinets

Solid Wood Cabinet Drawers and doors
Cope and Stick Solid Wood Cabinet Drawers and Doors


Thermofoil cabinets offer exceptional resistance to moisture, are less expensive than your solid wood, are much easier to clean, and are available in a wide variety of looks ranging from high-end looking cabinets to mid-range.

Shaker Style

Shaker Style Cabinet Doors

Contempory Style

Contemporary Cabinet Door Styles

Rounded Corner Door Style

Rounded Corner Door Styles

Square Corner Door Style

Square Corner Door Style