Kitchen Ideas You’ll Fall in Love With

Mar 12, 2019 | Kitchen

Who doesn’t love a kitchen renovation? We’re just barely beginning the new year and already have seen a lot of amazing trends that you’re guaranteed to love just as much as we do.

From timeless styles and colors to colorful and modern, there’s an idea for everyone.

Farmhouse Style

If you haven’t checked out our previous post on achieving that perfect farmhouse style through the different use of cabinets, definitely give it a read now!

The farmhouse trend has been popular over the course of the past few years and shows no signs of stopping due to how versatile it is!

Whether you have a small or large kitchen, want something modern or traditional, or even want to emulate a kitchen worthy of a beachfront property or straight out of a Hallmark movie – you bet that this trend is here to stay for years to come!

If You’ve got the Blues…

Cobalt Blue KitchenWe’ve got the blues for cobalt blue kitchens and accents.

If you’re considering getting a few paint colors at your local Home Depot or Lowes store, make sure you check this one out. Cobalt blue is one of the latest design trends and it pairs awfully well with not just white, but also gold.

If you’re looking to add texture, consider stone countertops such as marble in order to add a touch of elegance. On the same topic of cobalt blue, navy has also become popular within the tile and upper cabinets.

Keeping your eye on the Gold

If you already have a white kitchen or aren’t looking to have a big remodeling project going on, this trend will be perfect for you! Consider champagne and gold-covered accents to make your kitchen pop.

For those wanting to save money or want to change the look of their kitchen design, accessories will be the easiest (and most fun) way to make this happen.

L’s and U’s

Let’s discuss kitchen layouts: If you can modify the floor plan of your kitchen completely and are looking to eventually sell your home, you’ll find that L-shaped and U-shaped kitchen layouts are the top trends for this year.

These layouts open up a lot of light which will help your home become more energy efficient. Your kitchen remodeling costs won’t be as affordable, but they’ll have a great ROI when you consider moving.

Subway Tiles

Yes, subway tiles are still trending this year and show no signs of leaving any time soon! Adding a subway tile backsplash to your kitchen can enhance the glamorous or industrial style of it depending on what kitchen design you’re going for.

Industrial Kitchen

If you already love metallic finishes, kick it up a notch by adding more industrial elements to your space. You can do this by transforming your kitchen sink or installing fixtures to achieve this look. Pair this with a few industrial kitchen accessories and you’ll be all set!

Whatever your tastes and style choices might be, we have some ideas for you! Check out the rest of our blog posts on Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels here!

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