Pros & Cons of Pickled Cabinets vs Refacing Cabinets

May 13, 2019 | Kitchen

The pros and cons of pickled cabinets vs refacing cabinets

One of the biggest trends in interior design today is pickled cabinets. (It should be noted that when you search online for pickled cabinets the number 4 result is how to paint over white pickled cabinets) while this trend is hot now it may not be hot forever. In this blog post, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of pickled cabinets vs refacing cabinets.

Pickled Cabinets

Pickled Cabinets

What are the pickled cabinets?

Pickled cabinets are typically done on Oak, Ash, or woods with an open grain. Using a pickling finish or pickling stain that is applied with the direction of the grain it achieves a slightly transparent white look with the grain of the wood still showing through.

Another step in this process is a non-yellowing varnish that will need to be applied to the wood and then several additional coats of varnish.

While there are many steps to cabinet pickling, pickled oak cabinets are a very popular choice for 2019. This can be an affordable option if you try to do it yourself.

However, it’s always suggested that you hire a professional to do this because of the many steps involved.

Pros of Pickling Your Cabinets

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy way to refresh outdated cabinets

Cons of Pickling Your Cabinets

  • Could become outdated quickly
  • Unless done professionally, results may not be as desired
  • Multiple Contractors needed for countertops and painting

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Refacing

If you want to transform your kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams using your existing cabinets, cabinet refacing is the way to go.

Unlike a traditional kitchen remodel with custom kitchen cabinets replacing existing cabinets, the cabinet boxes are re-used. Doors and drawers are replaced in your kitchen or bathroom. Orlando Cabinet Refacing can give you the look of a full kitchen or bath remodel.

Typical home improvement projects like kitchen design & remodeling can be costly and a traditional setting often leading to alternative methods like painting the cabinets and pickling. With so many options within the home remodeling industry, cabinet refacing remains one of the most affordable and custom options available.

Pros of Refacing Your Cabinets

  • Affordable
  • Easy Process
  • Quick timeline
  • Custom Kitchen Look

Cons of Refacing Your Cabinets

  • The existing layout of Kitchen or Bath remains.

Timeless Interior Design Choices

Every decade we see new and old design trends come in and out of style just the way we do with the fashion industry. The interior design industry is only slightly behind the fashion industry as far as color choices and textures. Cabinet pickling is definitely the hottest trend in the design industry right now. The biggest question is whether this trend will stand the test of time or if it will go out with your grandmother’s avocado, burnt orange, and dandelion floral paneling.

Timeless Interior Kitchen Design Choices
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Making updates to your home can be achieved while ensuring a Timeless look and feel with functionality affordability and comfort.

JMT Cabinets are committed to providing quality affordable endurable Kitchen and Bath refacing options for all clients in the greater Orlando Florida area.

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