The Process of Refacing your Cabinets

Mar 14, 2019 | Kitchen

Process of refacing cabinetsIf you’ve found that refacing is better for you than replacing your cabinets, you’re in luck!

The idea of refacing a cabinet can be stressful when you don’t know the process, but once you familiarize yourself with how it works, you’ll no longer feel like you’re in the dark.

Cabinet refacing is an affordable solution for homeowners that still allow them all, if not most creative freedom over their kitchen and bath remodels.

Refacing can cover the simplest upgrades to enhance the current look and feel of your kitchen or even become a crucial point in creating an entirely new design and theme. Here’s how our company works on refacing your cabinets

The R&R Method

We begin by removing your cabinets and drawer fronts. Doing so allows us to reinforce your existing cabinet structures with long-lasting plywood.

Once the plywood has been applied, we finish off the reinforcing with a laminate that adheres to it. By adding the laminate to the plywood, your cabinet structures will be in perfect condition to sustain your new cabinets and drawer fronts.

Planning & Measuring

Measuring CabinetsWe recommend to have an idea of the cabinet and drawer front style and type that you’re looking to get.

Our team measures every detail to ensure a precise fit of every detail of your cabinets, drawers, and door fronts.

By doing so, we can help give you recommendations on wood or glass finishes depending on what style you’re choosing in order for you to have a premium selection of options to go with before you make your final choice.

Choosing the Cabinet Style

By this point, you should already have a small list of options or a winning cabinet style choice.

In the case that you’re unsure of what will work best in your kitchen, head on over to our article with the most popular kitchen cabinet styles and how they can help create an entirely new look for your refaced kitchen.

Optional: Choosing the Countertop

Choosing a countertopChoosing your new countertop surface is a great way to change the look of your kitchen because it is one of the biggest components of both color and texture in your kitchen.

While cabinets are the focal point of any kitchen, choosing cabinets that will beautifully complement your countertop choice will help pull the entire style of your kitchen together.

We understand that there is a myriad of choices when it comes to choosing a countertop, so we created a handy little guide on the most popular countertop choices which can be found here. Still, feel a little stuck? Our team can provide you with a consultation during your cabinet refacing.

The Finishing Touches

Finally, we move to the last and potentially the most fun part of refacing and that is choosing the hardware! This means carefully selecting the drawer pulls, knobs, hinges and decorative molding as these items can all drastically change the look and feel of your cabinets.

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