8 Practical Space Saving Kitchen Ideas

Aug 27, 2019 | Kitchen


8 Practical Space Saving Kitchen Ideas

Do your plates keep piling up next to the sink because you don’t know where to store them?

Do your spice boxes keep moving around over the counter-top because your only cabinet is loaded with pots and pans?

Do you go through a morning full of struggles every day trying to fit everything into your kitchen space while preparing a wholesome breakfast, packing lunch, and hoping to get yourself out of the door on time?

Answering Yes to the above questions may have you closer to a Kitchen Remodel than you think. Before you do that remodel though check out some of the space saving kitchen ideas that could save you time and money.

Here are a few simple but effective tips to help you get started with storage ideas for your kitchen.

1. Modernize the appliances

Appliances take up a major portion of your kitchen, and while most of them are indispensable, upgrading your refrigerator or microwave to a modern and more efficient version could not just save space, but also give your kitchen a state-of-the-art look.

Your friends might feel they have walked into a Masterchef’s house!

Space saving kitchen ideas

2. Pull-out pantry

Is your pantry spread across all three sides of your kitchen, making it hard to store anything you bought on top of the items that are already there?

Try a pull-out pantry instead. You can make these with sliding doors and fit them anywhere, either over your counter-top or at the back corner of your kitchen.

Because this kind of pantry is a pull-out, you could make it as extensible as you want.

3. Make your walls count

Keep your decorations confined to your living room or bedroom walls. The kitchen walls? Well, they are more about enhancing storage space.

Install racks and hooks on a bare wall to store a variety of items such as cooking utensils, ladles, spoons, and even dry food items and do not need a closed space.

Space saving kitchen ideas 1

4. See all that space over the window?

Unless you have a kitchen window that touches the ceiling, you are bound to have some space above it. Utilize it to either install open racks or closed cabinets. Use this space to store appliances that you do not use frequently or antique kitchen tools that have been handed down to you but are of little use in your daily life.

5. Build an island

A real space saver, an island at the center or a corner of your kitchen could give you a break from all the running around.

Hire a professional to design an all-in-one island that includes the counter-top, the sink, pull-out storage units, and even trash cans.

When you have everything in one place, it not only saves space but also saves valuable time and energy.

Space saving kitchen ideas 2

6. Floating shelves

The kind of wall-mounted half-shelves you use as mini-libraries in your guest room could have their place in the kitchen, too.

Identify those tiny, unused corners of your kitchen and implement some simple floating shelf design ideas.

They help you store smaller items such as glasses, cups, bowls, etc. while handing a cute finish to your kitchen.

Space saving kitchen ideas 3

7. Do away with bulky knobs

The pulls and handles of the cabinet doors and kitchen windows contribute to space issues as well.

If you choose minimalist designs, you could potentially open up more space for an extra cabinet.

Do you still have a door to the kitchen? Time to take the door out. Honestly, it does not matter.

The aroma of fresh coffee in the morning would waft rapidly throughout the house waking everyone on time if the kitchen door disappears.

8. The space above your stove

Looking for more storage ideas for kitchen? No, don’t look directly above your stove, because that would cause your stored items to burn when you cook.

The wall right behind your stove is an easily overlooked storage space. Use a thin, sliding shelving structure to hang small items such as cups and saute pans. Every inch of your kitchen counts.

How Cabinet Refacing Could Help

Maintaining different styles of cabinets and racks while working on space saving kitchen ideas could be a challenge. Sometimes you might just want to change the look and feel of the kitchen cabinets after having used them rigorously over the years.

Cabinet refacing, which involves replacing existing cabinet doors, moldings, hinges, etc., with their new counterparts, could not only spruce up the design of your kitchen but also help you utilize more space. A corner might be lying around unused for some time because the hinges on the door stopped working. Opt for cabinet refacing in such a scenario that not only gives your cabinet a new door but also ensures it is up and running for regular usage.

Moreover, several cabinet refacing services also provide the option of resizing. Do you still have some space left on top of your cabinets? Use resizing to add another rack to the existing cabinet for all the new jars that you bought.

Talk to your nearest Orlando kitchen cabinet refacing provider today to give your kitchen a fresh lease of life.