Not all Cabinet Styles are the Same! Learn the Difference Here

Mar 12, 2019 | Kitchen

Cabinet styles tend to evolve alongside home improvement trends, but there are always a few popular cabinet styles that have a tendency to stand out over the years. Some are custom, others have glass fronts or more decorative accents that will make them stand out.

So, how will you differentiate and make the right choice for your next remodeling project?

Here’s a list of the top 8 cabinetry styles. These styles are primarily for kitchen spaces, but a few of these can also be used around the house.

Cabinets with a Glass Insert

Glass Kitchen CabinetsThese types of cabinets replace the wood inserts for glass in order to provide a glimpse into its contents.

This is a great style for showing off unique china, accessories, (cook)books, and other tableware. Because of their fragility, the glass tends to be needed to purchase separately from the cabinets themselves.

If you’re looking to create an airy, open space in your home, these types of cabinets will do the trick.

Slab Style

Slab style cabinets are perfect for frameless layouts and modern kitchens.

These styles are always ungrooved pieces of wood that provide a sleek finish to the space you’re installing them in. Although these are not the most popular choice, they’re gaining more traction as prices are becoming more affordable in comparison to other types of kitchen cabinets.

Traditional Shaker Cabinet Doors

Shaker Style CabinetShaker cabinets are the most common type of wood cabinets found.

Their name comes from the Shaker furniture style and most commonly comes in a variety of natural wood finishes such as oak, cherry, and maple.

Though it’s a less common choice, this kitchen cabinetry also comes paint-ready. The distinguishing feature for these are the beveled outer frames that not only create a shadow effect but also strengthens the perimeter of the doors.

Because this is the most common, it can typically be found in any type of space that requires storage, though it works best for clean and traditional spaces.

Traditional Single-Arch

Another popular style is “cathedral style” or single arch cabinetry.

These also work best in clean and traditional spaces and are more commonly found in rentals or budget-conscious homes. Though this style can be affordable, there is also an option for higher quality wood when selecting these as your storage space choice.

Quick tip: If this type of wood is wrapped in thermafoil, the surface will never need repainting.

Beadboard with a Shaker Frame

The beadboard style wood insert is a slight variation on the traditional Shaker cabinet doors. This style is most popular among spaces that have a farmhouse feel to them.

Mullion Style

This type of cabinet door is similar to the original cabinet with glass insert; It’s a window style cabinet, which means there are four frames instead of a single one, similar to a mullioned window on a house exterior.

The stiles on this door frame also act as extra support for the glass to prevent breakage.

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