Upgrading Your Kitchen Cabinets? 4 Telltale Signs That it is Time

Sep 16, 2019 | Kitchen

Have you been thinking about upgrading your kitchen cabinets but are not sure if you really need to quite yet?

One of the questions we get asked all the time from our customers is whether or not we think it’s time for them to upgrade their kitchen cabinets.

Although you, as the customer, are the ultimate decision-maker we do share some of the signs we have seen over the years that may warrant upgrading kitchen cabinets.

Upgrade your Kitchen Cabinets in FL
Below we’ve listed 5 signs for you to look for when deciding to upgrade your cabinets. While you’re in the decision-making process don’t forget that cabinet refacing instead of replacing can save you a boatload of time, energy and lots of money.

4 Signs that it’s time for Upgrading Your Kitchen Cabinets


1. Food Staining

Crazy as this sounds, we find that a lot of our customers have cabinets that no matter what they do they can not get rid of the food staining on their cabinets.
These stains are especially hard to get off if you have cabinets that have been painted. If you are tired of the food stains and nothing has worked then your best bet is to upgrade the cabinets.

2. Fading Spots (especially under handles most used)

Let’s face it, if your cabinets are 20+ years old and you’ve done some cooking throughout those years, you probably have some wear and tear under the handles.
Couple this in with kids, teenagers, friends, family and maybe even grandchildren opening and closing cabinets and draws, there have to be some fading spots then. We see this all the time and unfortunately, there really is nothing you can do except upgrading those cabinets.

Of course, keep in mind that our Orlando Cabinet Refacing projects cost much less than a complete replacing of your cabinets.

3. Soft Cabinets

Have you ever taken the time to feel the sides of your cabinets? Probably not, but if you feel the sides of your cabinets and they feel soft, not sturdy like they should, this is a clear sign you’ll want to upgrade.
If the sides of your cabinets are soft this is not a good thing. The sides are so very important for the durability of your cabinets and the countertops that rest on them.

4. Cabinet box is in bad shape

Did you know that in the world of cabinetry we actually call your cabinets boxes?
Yep, that’s right, those cabinets in your bathroom and kitchen are called boxes and if they are not in good shape then you’ll need to upgrade them for sure.

Some of the things that may damage those boxes are water damage, mold, warping wood from to much weight on it, or just wear and tear over time.

Although high-quality kitchen cabinets should last you up to 50 years, there are a lot of kitchen cabinets we run across that don’t make it half as long as they should.

If your cabinets are showing any of the above signs, give us a call today and let us give you a price quote on refacing your kitchen cabinets.

We promise the price quote will be much less than the cost if you choose to replace the kitchen cabinets.

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