What Does it Mean to Reface Cabinets: Expert Guide

May 6, 2024


In kitchens, cabinets are vital for style and function. Over time, they can become old and outdated. This often demands expensive and time-consuming replacements. But, refacing is a cheaper alternative.

Refacing cabinets is a popular way to update without a full remodel. It involves replacing doors and drawer fronts. This process freshens up the look of your kitchen. It also enhances both the kitchen’s appeal and functionality.

This blog post is all about cabinet refacing. We’ll cover its benefits, the process, and why professional cabinet refacing services are key. Cabinet refacing is perfect for a new kitchen look or to raise your home’s value. It’s affordable and good for the environment.

Key Highlights

  • Refacing cabinets is inexpensive and it is good for the environment.
  • Replacing the cabinet doors can transform your cabinets.
  • Refacing cabinets is cheaper than replacing your cabinets.
  • By choosing professionals for cabinet refacing, you can ensure a high-quality result.

Understanding the Need to Reface Cabinets

Over time, cabinets age and lose their shine. Daily use, heat, moisture, and wear affect their appearance.

Old, worn cabinets make your kitchen less appealing. Refacing is a cheap way to refresh it without replacing everything.

You can update your cabinets, enhance your home, and adopt a new style without buying new ones.

The Common Signs Your Cabinets Need a Facelift

Not sure if your cabinets need refacing? First, check the doors and drawer fronts. Are they scratched, faded, or damaged? If so, your kitchen’s look suffers.

Consider your kitchen’s style and colors. If the cabinets don’t match, think about refacing them.

Last, check the cabinets’ function. Do they open and close smoothly? Are the hinges in good condition? Refacing can address these issues, enhancing both their appearance and function. Who doesn’t love a properly working cabinet?

The Impact of Worn-Out Cabinets on Home Aesthetics

Worn-out cabinets make your home look dated and unappealing. The kitchen is an important space in the home, so how the cabinets look matter. Old, faded, or damaged cabinets make the kitchen seem dull, outdated, and unkempt.

Updating these items can refresh and improve the space. For example, changing the doors, fronts, and veneers can transform your kitchen’s style.

You don’t need a full remodel to choose modern or classic designs. You can simply swap materials. This action will personalize your kitchen, fit your style, and enhance your home’s look.

The Refacing Solution: Transforming Your Kitchen

Cabinet refacing is an affordable kitchen update without the headache of a full kitchen remodel. You can simply change the doors and drawer fronts for a fresh look and new aesthetic.

This method lets you update styles, colors, and finishes without major construction work.

Refacing is a cheap and affordable option for your dream kitchen.

What Cabinet Refacing Entails

Cabinet refacing means changing the visible parts of cabinets. This includes doors and drawer fronts. The process keeps the boxes intact.

First, we replace old doors and drawer fronts with new ones that match your selected style. Then, we cover cabinet boxes and frames with a new layer to create a seamless look.

For the new layer, you would choose wood, laminate, or thermofoil. Your choice depends on your budget and desired aesthetic. This step refreshes your kitchen without replacing all cabinets.

Material Choices for Refacing Your Cabinets

When redoing cabinets, you can pick wood veneer, laminate, or thermofoil.

  • Wood veneer: This gives a classic look. It is also customizable.
  • Laminate: It is durable. It has many design choices.
  • Thermofoil: Gives your kitchen a modern style. Update the hardware and door style to match your vision for a stylish kitchen.

Customizing Your Kitchen’s Look with Refacing Options

Cabinet refacing offers a unique kitchen update to match your style. It provides various options to reflect your taste and personality. Here are some ways to customize your kitchen’s look.

  • Pick from a variety of colors for your cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Options range from classic white to bold, vibrant colors, suiting every style.
  • Choose cabinet doors that match your style. Options range from modern to timeless. So, you can find the perfect fit for any design.
  • Consider adding decorative elements. These could be things like crown molding or glass panels. They will enhance the look of your cabinets.
  • Finish the kitchen makeover with new hardware, like handles and drawer pulls. They will add a final touch to your refaced cabinets.

Customize your kitchen’s look with refacing options. They let you make a space that reflects your style. It will be welcoming and functional.

What Are the Benefits of Cabinet Door Refacing?

Refacing cabinet doors offers many benefits. This makes it an attractive option for homeowners.

  • Cost-Effective: Refacing your cabinet doors is cheaper than replacing your cabinets. It saves you money without sacrificing your kitchen’s quality and looks.
  • Less Time-Consuming: Refacing your cabinet doors takes less time than replacing them. It lets you enjoy your updated kitchen sooner.
  • New Look: New cabinet doors give your kitchen a fresh look. You can achieve this without extensive remodeling.

More Cost-Effective

Changing the cabinet door appearance is cost-effective and It’s cheaper than buying new cabinets. Refacing is often less costly than buying and installing new ones.

Refacing costs $4,000 to $9,500, depending on kitchen size and materials. This includes new doors, fronts, veneers, and installation.

Choosing refacing over full replacement saves money. It also gives a fresh kitchen look without changing your kitchen’s footprint.

Less of a Time Commitment

Refacing cabinet doors is faster than replacing the whole cabinet.

Refacing takes a few days, with an average being 2 days. The time depends on kitchen size and project complexity. It lets you have an updated kitchen sooner with less disruption.

Refacing is quicker. Unlike replacing the whole cabinet, which can take weeks or months. This makes it great for homeowners who want a new look without a long kitchen renovation process.

Provides Next-Level Results

By refacing cabinet doors, you can refresh and update your kitchen. Then, choose new doors that suit your style, whether modern or traditional.

This update enhances your kitchen’s style. New doors come with modern features. They include soft-close hinges, which make storage and use easier.

Refacing cabinets helps you get a stylish and functional kitchen. It meets your needs.

Preserves Your Current Kitchen Layout

Changing cabinet door appearances allows you to keep your kitchen’s layout. If you’re happy with how it looks and works, updating the doors can make it feel fresh. It does so without big changes.

Installing new cabinet doors updates the style without changing the layout or function. It’s faster and cheaper than replacing all cabinets. This way, you can avoid extensive renovations.

Eco-Friendly Alternative

If you care about the environment, consider refacing cabinet doors. It’s a green option over replacing cabinets. Refacing lets you reuse the cabinet boxes, cutting waste and avoiding landfills.

This eco-friendly method cuts the use of resources. It also shrinks the carbon footprint of making new cabinets. It also adds wood veneers to your cabinet doors. This supports sustainable forest practices.

Veneers come from well-managed forests, ensuring sustainability. Refacing cabinet doors also makes home improvements greener.

Increase Your Home Value

Replacing cabinet doors can boost your home’s value. Buyers focus on the kitchen. New cabinet doors make the kitchen more attractive and appealing.

Modern cabinets enhance the perception of your kitchen and home. Consider refacing. This is true whether you are selling or upgrading.

Why Choose Us for Your Cabinet Refacing Needs

Choose experienced professionals for cabinet refacing. JMT Cabinets ensure high-quality work. Our team tailors solutions to match your style and budget.

Whether it’s a big or small change, we can help. Rely on us for top-notch cabinet refacing. It will improve your kitchen.

Our Experience and Expertise in Cabinet Refacing

Our team is highly experienced in cabinet refacing. We’ve honed our methods to achieve excellent results. Moreover, we handle all steps, from material selection to installation.

We stay updated on new styles and designs to offer modern solutions. Choose us for your refacing project and you’ll get excellent service along with a fantastic kitchen.

Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

At JMT Cabinets, we focus on quality work and customer satisfaction. We pay attention to detail and ensure every cabinet project is excellent.

Our team works hard to surpass your expectations and provide excellent service. We value the importance of your kitchen.

When you pick us for cabinet work, expect great quality and service. You will also get a lovely kitchen.

Tailored Solutions to Fit Your Style and Budget

We understand that homeowners have diverse style preferences and budget limits. So, we offer tailored solutions to meet your needs. Whether you prefer traditional, modern, or mixed designs, we have many options.

Our team will help you choose based on your taste and budget. We offer fair prices. We don’t lower quality. This makes it easier to afford your desired items. We provide options for materials and hardware. This way, you can create a kitchen that matches your style and budget.


Cabinet refacing is an affordable and quick way to update your kitchen’s look. It retains the existing layout. Moreover, it offers various materials and customization options. This upgrade can also increase your home’s value.

To update your kitchen without a full renovation, consider refacing your cabinets. Contact us for expert advice and custom solutions that match your style and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Cabinet Refacing Take?

The time for a cabinet refacing project varies. It depends on the kitchen’s size and complexity. On average, it takes one to three days. So, it’s a quick option for homeowners. They can update their kitchen without much downtime or disruption.

Is Cabinet Refacing a Cost-Effective Option?

Cabinet refacing is cheaper than replacing cabinets. The cost of refacing is from $4,000 to $9,500, depending on kitchen size and materials. This option refreshes your kitchen affordably. It also fits within your budget.

Can All Cabinets Be Refaced, or Are There Limitations?

You can reface most cabinets, but there are exceptions. Those in good condition and well-built are ideal for refacing. But, cabinets with severe damage or the wrong style may need replacement, not refacing. Our Representative can assist you with determining if a cabinet can be refaced or not.

How Do I Maintain My Refaced Cabinets?

Maintaining refaced cabinets is simple. Just clean them with mild detergent and warm water to keep them looking good. Avoid harsh abrasives or cleaners. These can harm the new surface or existing finish. Also, handle the cabinets gently. Avoid using excessive force to make them last.

What’s the Difference Between Refacing and Replacing?

Refacing and replacing cabinets differ in renovation extent. Refacing only swaps doors and fronts, keeping the boxes. Meanwhile, replacing means removing old cabinets and installing new ones. Refacing is cheaper and offers a new look without major remodeling or building.

Is it worth it to reface kitchen cabinets?

Refacing kitchen cabinets is a smart move. It updates your kitchen without the cost of new cabinets. It also boosts the kitchen’s look and function and raises the home’s value while cutting renovation costs.

What do they do when they reface kitchen cabinets?

During kitchen cabinet refacing, our professionals swap the doors and drawer fronts. They leave the original cabinet frames. Also, they might add a new veneer to these frames and face plates. This step makes them match the new doors and fronts. Additionally, they can replace the hardware. This includes hinges and drawer pulls. The goal is a full transformation.

What is the difference between refinishing and refacing cabinets?

The main difference lies in the renovation’s depth. Cabinet refinishing means painting or staining current cabinets. This method refreshes their look. Meanwhile, refacing involves only changing the doors and drawer fronts. The process keeps the cabinet boxes. It offers a more complete transformation and more design choices compared to refinishing.

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